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Designers, please register using Designer Registration Form (shown below) and review and purchase your Designer Showcase Packages in advance either "paid in full'  Package #1 ($700, up to 20 looks)Package #2 ($1,500, up to 40 looks); and Package #3 ($3,500, up to 60 looks) or by "deposit & balance"  


The Most Outstanding Designer will be awarded! The CMG Travel Award will provide the platform needed to make a designer’s brand known and evolve, participate and present his/her collection at CMG Paris Fashion Week or CMG Dubai Fashion Week or CMG Los Angeles Fashion Week!

​​Please Note: If Designer doesn't like the assigned registered models or Designer wish to bring his/her own models, hairstylist, makeup artist and photographer and promote them at New York Fashion Week, but the registration fees of $150 per model, $300 per own hairstylist+MUA, $300 per own photographer applies! The Designer's own model will model just for this particular designer. Designer's own hairstylist+MUA will server designer's models. Alternatively, CMG can appoint models, professional hairstylist+MUA, and photographer for you! Designer's model/s, hairstylist, makeup artist and photographer shall register as all other participants! Designer own photographer will be allowed to attend only your scheduled collection demonstration. Photographer shall email max 45 high resolution photos within one week after the show in order your collection and photographer's work to be featured by Fashion Magazine/s. Getty Images Photographer could be appointed also upon a written request and received payment according GettyImages market fee.

Designer Registration Form

Please Note:

Please fill out all fields of the Designer Registration Form (shown below) marked with a red asterisk *, submit all required information, photos, and a video-greetings (size less than 20MB). Use NA (Not Applicable) if something does not apply to you.


You will receive a note from us "Your application has been successfully submitted" upon completed application process. If you do not receive this confirmation, please scroll upwards and re-visit your application. Be sure to fill out all fields highlighted in red color and marked with a red asterisk*!


Upon receipt, we will issue an official letter acknowledging your completed application! 



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