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Sir Jerold La Beaux premiered his professional career as a talk show host on ABC network in the early 1980s. He went directly into National Radio doing voice over work and station identifications, leading to many national and international commercials that were broadcast from coast to coast and abroad.


After touring the world he was offered both a major movie and record deal, though he turned away both for family reasons. Instead he turned to teaching and develping beauty and talent. He taught at various modeling and dance schools as well as theaters before being hired to do artist development for various record labels.


Out of this demand came the Je La Beaux Modeling and Talent Agency, complete with a full service artist and celebrity management firm. The agency managed the training, management and marketing of over 5,000 models, shows, television programming and radio commercials. Sir Jerold has served on multiple boards in the promotion of the arts, entertainment, music, beauty and fashion industries.


The Je La Beaux Agency operates as a "one stop" shop for the entertainment industry ranging from live performance to television and film, stage and concerts, music, magazines, commercials, public relations and more.


In 1995, the Je La Beaux Inc. acquired the oldest operating talent agency in the south, Lynn Modeling and Talent Academy. Utilizing the reknown -- d'Lynn Pageant System {one of the industry's leading "point-tabulation" system in scoring winners for the Miss America and Miss Universe Pageants} while continuing to place national and international performers throughout a wide range of industries.


Jerold La Beaux double majored in Mass Communications and Business Marketing while minoring in theater, before moving forward to Corporate Law, specializing in Entertainment and Media.

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