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We need 100+ volunteers to work with Festival organizers during the months leading up to the Festival and throughout Festival week to help produce a successful event. Shifts range from two to five hours and many volunteers sign up for multiple shifts throughout the Festival.

Participating in the Festival as a volunteer is a highly rewarding experience!  Volunteers enjoy “behind-the-scenes” access to Festival concerts and events; face-to-face cultural exchange with visiting attendees and immense satisfaction knowing they contributed to the success of this prestigious international events. 

...IF YOU CONSIDER YOURSELF A REAL "PEOPLE-PERSON" The South Padre Island Jazz & Latin Music Festival offers outgoing individuals like yourself an opportunity to utilize your unique skill set among event attendees from across the nation.

Teddy Roosevelt wrote:
"The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood

As a volunteer within our organization, we look forward to you epitomizing the above statement.


We appreciate your support!

Our Commitment to Volunteers

  • provide adequate supervision, training, and orientation

  • provide meaningful work with similar space, equipment, and working conditions given to paid staff doing similar work

  • maintain records of volunteer hours, performance, and projects and respect the confidentiality of these records

  • provide letters of recommendation upon request

  • accord the volunteer respect and responsibility


We believe that...

  • volunteers are an integral part of the SPI Jazz Festival Experience and are critical in the production of a successful event

  • every hour contributed by a volunteer is a valuable gift that deserves to be managed, recognized, and honored

  • all volunteers have the right to understand the big picture of the SPI Jazz Festival Experience and to see where their efforts fit into the overall structure and mission

  • it is the primary responsibility of the volunteer coordinator to place the volunteer in a position that fits both the interest and ability of the volunteer and the needs of the SPI Jazz Festival.

Commitment By Volunteers

  • represent and support the SPI Jazz Festival and its organizers in a positive way;

  • attend orientation and training required for assigned work;

  • carry out agreed tasks to the best of their ability and consistent with instructions provided, and in accordance with any procedures as set out by the Festival;

  • visibly wear a Volunteer ID name tag and T-shirt at all times while on duty as a volunteer;

  • meet agreed commitments with respect to attendance and time, providing advance notice of inability to attend where possible;

  • understand the function of paid staff, maintain a smooth working relationship, and stay within the bounds of volunteer responsibility;

  • work constructively and cooperatively with staff, Festival guests and volunteers;

  • ask for support if required;

  • maintain the dignity of the SPI Jazz Festival and its integrity with the public, and honor confidential information;

  • adhere scrupulously to any relevant security procedures;

  • be receptive to performance appraisal, advice and feedback;

  • provide any relevant information reasonably required by the Festival and allow this to be used for statistical or reporting purposes; and

  • contribute to the maintenance of a safe and secure workplace


Volunteer Exclusive Perks

SPI Jazz Festival volunteer experience even better with our Rewards Program!

The following perks are exclusive to your VIP experience:​

In addition to the great people you will meet and work with, the skills and experience you can add to your resume, and the fun you will have by being a SPI Jazz Festival Volunteer, you will also receive the following Rewards:

Rewards Per 8 Hours Volunteered:

  • Festival T-Shirt

  • Festival Voucher

  • Invitation To Wrap Party

  • +1 Extra Voucher Per Additional 4 hours!

  • Festival vouchers provide access to most Festival events and even Festival publications! 

Please note:

  • Volunteer vouchers are distributed in person at the Volunteer Orientation or during the Festival week. Event tickets are sold on a first-come, first-served basis and can sell out before volunteer vouchers are distributed.


       Volunteers therefore cannot be guaranteed tickets to all          events. Please check with the SPI Jazz Festival        

       Volunteer Coordinator to purchase tickets to high-        

       demand events.


Invitation to Wrap Party

  • The Festival Wrap Party takes place on the closing night of the SPI Jazz Festival Experience. This legendary invitation-only event brings our special guests, sponsors and volunteers together for an evening of entertainment. F&B will be provided!!! You'll be talking about what fun you had for years - we guarantee it! (The Volunteer Coordinator will announce more details closer to the event)


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