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The South Padre Island Jazz & Latin Music Festival will feature some of the top Jazz & Latin Music Artist from around the globe,

The "Underground Lounge" hosted by KTSU 90.9 The Choice on-air personality, "MS. MELODIC" [Melanie Murphy] and DJ Frances Jaye of internet radio fame [Neo-Soul Cafe] will insure you'll be "in-the-know" as each night as they'll introduce you to some of the best, artist in the nation who best blend R&B, Spoken Word and Jazz in music's forgotten genre' -- Neo-Soul providing you can still hang after a full day on the beach!


Prepare to be thoroughly entertained, NIGHTLY as these still largely "UNSUNG" artist will serenade you with their unique fusion of jazz, soul and r&b blended with some traditional gospel for good measure. There will be truly no better way to top-off each evening during the SPI Jazz Festival than with this sensational nightly experience.

Seating will be limited for these special engagements so get your tickets now!


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