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The SPI Jazz Marketplace provides an unlimited opportunity to showcase your originality, allow your art, handcrafted goods and merchandise to speak for you to an audience of thousands in a unique and vibrant island setting.


This unique atmosphere blends the culture of two bordering country's, Mexico and the US into a Vibrant Consumer Marketplace filled with enterprising street vendors for a three-­day shopping experience like no other!


We are looking for the best artisans, both locally and beyond in which to participate and exhibit in this powerful economic driver. Applications to become a part of the SPI Jazz Marketplace will be accepted through August 15, 2018 with applicable fees due upon acceptance to reserve your spot.

Are you a downtown business owner with a storefront within the festival footprint? You too can participate in the marketplace driving additional foot traffic to your location, maximizing your business’s exposure and leave a positive impression for years to come.

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