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  1. a strong desire to travel.

    "a man consumed by wanderlust"

Dream a little dream with me!

​Every summer for the last twenty or so years a truly life-changing event has taken place that celebrates

"life well lived"  by providing people of color the opportunity to engage their adventurous spirit by island-hopping on their own private yacht and sailing the British Virgin Islands.

That groundbreaking event was called the BLACK BOATERS SUMMIT "BBS" created by two sailing advocates --

Paul "Cap'n Paul" Mixon and William "Bill" Pinkney


In 1997, BBS took its maiden voyage with one boat and eight people. In 2008 the event brought together 126 people (most who don’t sail and many who don’t swim) on a 16- boat flotilla, captained by African American men and women.

Welcome to the BVI Voyage; a re-brand of the long-running yachting adventure series, the Black Boaters Summit


The re-brand will be operated by your "Purveyor of Posh!" -- Boss Productions as we set sail for the British Virgin Islands in luxurious style aboard your very own private yacht.


Prepare for another one of Boss Productions' "Lux Life" Experiences as you celebrate a "Life Well Lived!"








I can attest to the regenerating effects of sailing. When I attended the Summit a couple of years ago, I had the pleasure of sailing on a boat captained by Captain Bill Pinkney, the first African American to circumnavigate the globe.


It was balmy and gorgeous out on the water aboard a catamaran-style yacht. The going was smooth, the water warm as your bathtub, and there were no outrageous rogue waves or anything of that type to make the sailing rocky. At the front of the yacht, there are these wonderful net areas where you can literally lie out over the water as if you were on a hammock, dragging your hand lazily through the current.


There is no word in the English language for the bliss to be had soaking in the breeze with a cold drink in your hands as the sun sets among the islands. Captain Pinkney once told me a quote that I will never forget, “Every day spent sailing is a day added onto your life.”

Milena Moran

"I love the freedom sailing on a yacht gives you. You are free to go where you want and leave when want."

J Norwood