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The former "BBS" is being re-tooled and will relaunch in July/August of "2021" under the management of your "Purveyor of Posh!" -- BOSS PRODUCTIONS* with both a full sailing itinerary so please be patient for the news and keep visiting our page for details.

{*Boss Productions, Inc. (BP Inc.) is a full-service multinational Special Events Marketing and Promotional Company} 

About six years ago I was contacted by Paul "Cap'n Paul" Mixon in which to discuss his long-running event the Black Boaters Summit, Paul felt that we shared the same mission in providing upscale event platforms for the culturally curious and expressed his desire to increase his social media footprint in addition to attracting both a younger demographic as well as increasing the male "make-up" of his event's participants.

We were able to exceed Paul's expectations, we increased exponentially each area of our initial objectives which led to conversations of partnership which brings us forward to today, post-Hurricane Irma which destroyed the BVI's in 2017 and the untimely passing of Cap'n Paul & wife Marvelle in {2017 & 2018} respectively.


In honor of our belated founder -- "Captain Paul," we (Boss Productions, Inc) intend to host a memorial sail in his honor sometime next summer "2021" as an official relaunch of the Black Boaters Summit as The BVI Vovage.

Cap'n Paul believed the Boss Productions' "Lux Life" mantra married well with his newly instilled tagline of "Celebrate a Life Well Lived" and I could not agree more.

We think we have improved an already really good thing and our hope is that we've made it easier for more people to get involved as we intend to offer more vacation options as we've adopted multiple rate plans to include individual, group, and "Choose Your Captain" options. We intend to employ all of our captains, that is until some of you grizzled "BBS" veterans elect to exercise your captain certifications earned via our "Learn to Sail" Program.

{ CLICK HERE } for more information on the program!

We look forward to meeting you!